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A word from the founder, Sarah Mercier.

Sarya, this is a dream come true for me. For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about fashion. As I became the adult I am today, I discovered what makes me tick. Communication, marketing and social media became, over time, areas that I wanted to explore more and more. This is the reason why I continued my university studies in Public Communication at Laval University. I graduated in the spring of 2020, and this experience was very enriching for me and made me realize that I belonged.

Several events have happened in my life that have made me question my future and my ambitions. Having always had great creativity and leadership, I realized that I have an entrepreneurial profile that I wanted to develop. Obviously, starting a business is difficult and stressful. Lots of risks to take, and lots of uncertainties. However, we learn so much! Even more than on the school benches, in my opinion. I am a perfectionist and want to do everything on my own. I didn't have a lot of knowledge on the subject at first, but I am proud that I managed to bring my project to life on my own from start to finish.

When I realized my interest in developing my own business, I had to start by finding THE PROJECT that would motivate me every day. You know what, there weren't even any hesitations. I immediately clicked: what clothes do I prefer? With the pandemic, I was literally spending my days in my pajamas. How good it feels and it is heartwarming. However, my good old pajamas were pretty ordinary. I wanted pajamas that were not only going to be comfortable to wear, but that were going to make me feel stylish and beautiful.

Since that moment, I have been working every day on the biggest challenge I have had so far. It is with great pride that I present the very first collection to you. In honor of pajama days, I was inspired by the Sleeping Beauty tale for this collection. Sleeping Beauty is the name chosen, and the three different models are called Sleepy Cat, Pink Kiss and Chérie.

I hope my sleepwear makes you want to daydream all day in the comfort of your own home. I wish you to listen to films glued with your better half and / or your animal. If you're more of a party, pajama nights will be a golden opportunity to proudly wear Sarya with your friends!

No matter what the occasion, your nightwear set will be there for you!

Thank you so much so telllemennnttttt to everyone who supports me, who encourage me and who are there for me. Thanks to everyone who picks up pajamas. Words fail me to express my gratitude.

Sweet dreams,

Sarah Mercier xoxo